Privacy Policy for Treat Beat

At Treat Beat, our priority is the privacy of our visitors. The privacy policy document contains all details related to the privacy of our clients and how we follow it.

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Information about End Users We Target for B2B Profile

The pet owners or pet parents are the end users, and our products are sold to,

  • Indian Companies export dog chews to other countries.
  • Indian Companies that belong to pet food and have a PAN India presence in the Pet Food Industry. These companies can use dog chews for packaging and labeling.
  • Retailers who wish to buy with us under our labeling.
  • Foreign companies that import dog chews from India.

Social Media Communications

We communicate with our audience on social media throughseriousand humorous content. We use social media platforms to showcase our brand as the largest manufacturer of Dog Chews in India. We aim to reach top pet food companies as bulk suppliers and attract foreign clients.


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Terms and Conditions

Flexible Replacement Policy

In our flexible replacement policy, we take responsibility and replace the material if the material is damaged while transporting.

Standard Delivery Time

We have a standard delivery time ranging from 2 to 4 weeks for 500-3000 kgs.

Benefits to Retailers

We have an advanced arrangement of 50% before the dispatch and a seven working days credit period for the next 50% after the delivery of the material. They can do a GRN and the quality check and send the reporting if anything falls short for quantities ranging from 500-1500 kgs. If the quantity bought is 1500-5000 kgs, the credit of the balance payment is one month from delivery.

Additional support or Promotional Materials

It’s a natural product, and comes in various color ranges, from whitish color,to golden to dark ones,which is dependent upon the weather conditions,smoked time, and other relative factors, and the consumer shouldn’t be analytical about the color ranges, all Churpies are the same and contain the same nutrients regardless of their physical appearance and color shade.This product sells on itself; it’s a hero product forthe pet industry. It’s a replacement for rawhide and unnatural chews.

Primary Distribution Channel

Any distribution channel is flexible with us until the MOQ is 500 kgs per consignment.


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