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Since the inception of Treat Beat in 2016, we have been working passionately, carrying a series of thoughts for creating a superb product for our furry friends. We traveled to the Himalayas for enhanced R&D. As a team, we interacted with farmers and treated nature as our friend. Nature, animals, and culture taught us many things that helped us.

The difficulty we faced during our company’s initial days has led us towards success and blessed us with many people admiring us across many countries.

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The shopaholic Mama of mischievous, furry, playful kids. She makes sure to purchase all great technical systems to attain the best facility to manufacture the best chews in the world. She does marketing and procurement, handles operations, and strives to keep her clients, farmers, employees, and, most importantly, her doggo community healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Martina Bishwa


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The mindful Papa watches Mama over the budgets and finances. His focus is always on R&D, accounts, and documentation. He can go to any extent when there is a crisis and find solutions. He is a true admirer of animals and nature and always combines the best of the bests to bring to the table.

Sukanta Karmakar


We have expert teams in manufacturing and processing levels who work diligently toward achieving the highest quality of churpi bars. Since, it is a natural process, it is a very skillful work to give each single bar finishing, trying to minimize the wastages and generate the best quality. As our company's mission suggests, we have unconditional love for Doggos, we undergo a simple question in the hiring process if they have soft corners for dogs (both pets and strays), as we believe, its an important aspect to have love for the work we do and if a new recruit loves the end consumer, it drastically matches the employee mission with the company vision and mission.

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Our Mission & Vision

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Our company aims at bridging the gap between our furry friends’ boredom and their entertainment. The treats that we offer are 100% manufactured naturally, with no preservatives and are absolutely healthy. We at Treatbeat always view our business as an outcome of our love for Doggos.


We have a very humbling practice of feeding the strays since the commencement of our establishment in the year 2019. It had started with 6 dogs and today, we are very blessed to be feeding over 50 stray dogs two meals a day and not a single holiday, over workload in the factory can stop this gratifying gesture towards them. We have adopted over 22 dogs and counting who had to be rescued for a more meaningly life, who live in the hills with no more fear of road accidents, viral infections and other problems they were rescued from. The company takes up initiative and challenges to vaccinate, spay and neuter the doggos every 2-3 months. The core values of the company is based upon the blessings from our furry friends who has seen life changing events in their lives and the ones who crossed the rainbow bridge.

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