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Inspired by an ancient Himalayan Recipe, Churpi Dog Chews have become the tastiest snack for doggies. The natural ingredients and traditional methods of preparing Churpi dog chews are remarkable. Available in different flavors and sizes, dog chews with no preservatives, gluten, or binding agents prove healthy and delicious for the man’s best friend.

Nutrient Content

  • Crude Protein Min
  • Crude Fat Min
  • Crude Fiber Max
  • Moisture Max
  • Ash Max
  • 58.00%
  • 0.8%
  • 0.1%
  • 12%
  • 6.0%

Why Yak Milk

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  • Yaks live at the highest altitude of any mammal and graze on the herbs that grow at an altitude of over 3500 Meters.
  • Milk of Yak is biologically appropriate for your dog.
  • Yak Milk is enriched with great minerals and vitamins.
  • Yak milk is favorable for dogs with any allergies or sensitivities.
  • As per the Journal of Dairy Science, Yak Milk is a food with medicinal features that benefit health.
  • It has a nutritional profile strikingly similar to recovery food developed by experts to aid dogs in their recovery from sickness and surgery, offering the highest level of optimum nutrition from a single natural component.
  • It is used to enhance the luxuriousness of the coat for show dogs. It is an excellent source of zinc, which helps dogs with skin allergies and diseases. Zinc also keeps the foot pads moist for working dogs and prevents cracking.
  • Yak Milk contains ten essential amino acids for optimal health for our furry friends.
  • It is nearly lactose-free (1.7 g, equivalent to milk with reduced lactose for those with allergies and sensitivities).
  • Has a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids; most foods have far higher levels of omega-6 than omega-3, making them more difficult to absorb. With today’s food selections, it is challenging to achieve this balanced ratio, which is highly important organically.

List of Ingredients

Churpi Dog Chew Supplier
S.No Ingredient Volume Purpose
1 Yak milk or local cow milk (Fatless) 25-27 Liters/ kilogram Major Ingredients
2 Lime juice or a substitute lactic acid 4-5 ml / 100 Liters of milk For coagulation of milk
3 Salt 4-5 mg/ 100 Liters of milk Used as a catalyst for coagulation process

Manufacturing Process

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  • The milk is boiled for 4-5 hours and centrifuged to separate the fat from the milk.
  • The fat-free milk is left to cool down and is treated with lactic acid (lime or alum) and salt.
  • The milk coagulates due to the mild acid’s sourness, and the addition of salt quickens the process.
  • White cheese starts to form within 2-3 hours, separated and spread in a clean and hygienic burlap sack, washed several times using warm water to remove the whey and any hints of salt and lime juice.
  • The cheesecakes are pressed to drain excess water and harden the cheese using traditional and modern techniques, mostly pressing by weights for hours to remove the excess moisture.
  • The cake is then cut to size, prepared for cooking under the sun, after the cake is cut, it’s fan dried for 2 days and smoked for 3-4 weeks.
  • These chews are brought into our warehouse and are sorted for quality. Only approved chews, as per the company standards, are further processed.
  • The chews are further cleaned using buffing machines and lime juice and cut to size per the customer’s demand.
  • The chews are processed while maintaining the natural quality of the product. The chews are carefully cut into different sizes per customer demand using food-grade equipment.
  • Strict hygiene standards, are always maintained to prevent contamination of the chews. There is no use of chemicals or preservatives in the process.

Benefits of Churpi Dog Chews

Himalayan Chews For Dogs

If you want to create a healthy and positive difference in your pet’s health, Churpi Dog Chew is your best answer. In the present scenario, when every pet food or treat is heavily laden with by-products, preservatives, and artificial additives, we want to give the dogs an awesome, healthy, and tasty natural treat. Our search took us to one of the natural and most traditional human treats, “CHURPI.”

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Secrets of Churpi

  • Over 60% Protein and less than 1% Fat content
  • Maintains and promotes Dental Health
  • 100% Gluten- free
  • Enriched with vitamins (A,B1,C,D,E and K)
  • No preservatives
  • Soft on teeth and gums
  • Combats Plague and Tartar
  • Low in carbs and high in nutrients
  • Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Best suited for doggo of multiple ages and sizes.
Churpi Size Best Fit for Dog Under
33-43 15 Lbs or 7 Kg
70-80 35 lbs or 15 Kg
95-105 55 lbs or 25 kg
145-155 75 lbs or 35 Kg
250-260 For dogs above 75 lbs or 35 Kg

Storage Instructions

Churpi Wholesale Uk

To be stored in cool and dry place. Any direct contact with moisture (such as water) for a longer time will degrade the product.

Shelf Life

Churpi Wholesale Uk

The shelf life of the product is 4 years from the date of manufacturing.

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