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Offer your doggo palatable bites of the healthiest food prepared with love and care

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Adequately manufactured and packed with generousness, we prepare high-quality dog food.

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Uk Dogtreat Suppliers
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Uk Wholesale Dogfood Suppliers

Our Products

We provide a wide range of premium eatables for the doggies. Check out our standard products now!

Dogfood Manufacturers In Uk
Best Dogfood Manufacturer In Uk

Churpi Bars

Churpi dog chews are made using traditional methods with Yak or Cow Milk and natural products. The product doesn’t contain any preservatives or binding agents. Churpi bars are manufactured in various sizes for distinct dog sizes. The healthy product is reaching vitamins and protein.

Wholesale Dogfood Suppliers In Uk


The puffies are a microwaved and puffed version of the churpi nuggets. It is helpful for catchy treats when a doggo achieves a certain instruction or just shows a drooling but grooving activity and sometimes just when he/she smiles back at you. Puffies comes in 5-15 gm per piece. Standard selling unit is kilograms.

Dogtreat Manufacturers In Uk


It’s a microwaved puffed version of long strips of churpi bars. If your doggo wants puffies but doesn’t take more than a minute to chew and you are tired of passing puffies every minute, try crunchies, it takes about 4-5 minutes to finish.

Dogtreats Wholesale Suppliers In Uk


The twistees are a form of strip bars available in various sizes from 8-15 cms and weights of 10-25 gms each. The twistees are a new addition to our Churpi family and looks quite premium, prove healthy, and seem palatable to our faithful friends.

About Treat Beat

Wholesale Dog Food Suppliers

Well, Treat Beat Products did not happen overnight. It was a series of thoughts that we conceived in the year 2016. The R&D took a year and a half where we had multiple visits to the Himalayas (although, we live in the hills too), the places we visited had extreme terrains, unbearable cold and dazzling views, but nonetheless to say, Nature was our teacher. The more we set our treks, our research improved with each little interactions with the farmers. The aspects that made us more humane were the animals, nature and culture that we learnt from through this process.

When I look back at the difficult yet the best days we have seen to build this company, I realize we still are the adventurous couple with the same energy to accept challenges and rendering the best we can. And we feel absolutely blessed when so many people across many countries believe and trust in us the way we do on them.

Wholesale Dogfood In Uk
Wholesale Dogfood Suppliers In Uk
Wholesale Dog Food Suppliers Uk
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Why Choose US

We are the right choice to calm the cravings of your pet.

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Right Price

Treat Beat offers a budget-friendly range of products for your doggie. Our perfectly manufactured healthy eatables have been prepared considering the value of your pocket.

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Right Quality

We never compromise on the quality of products for the doggies. With phenomenal research for natural ingredients and an effective manufacturing process, we provide top-quality products for your pet.

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Right Packaging

Treat beat professionals take due care of the safety of the eatables. Our products are packaged appropriately after an effective testing procedure.

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Dog Treat Manufacturers In Uk
Ukdog Treats Wholesale Suppliers
Ukdog Treat Suppliers
Ukwholesale Dog Food
Ukwholesale Dog Food Suppliers
Dog Food Manufacturers Inuk
Best Dog Food Manufacturer Inuk
Wholesale Dog Food Suppliers Inuk

An Incredible Manufacturing Journey

Treat Beat follows an accurate and hygienic process of manufacturing the perfect dog eatables.
Check out the process here.

Dog Treat Manufacturers Inuk
Dog Treats Wholesale Suppliers Inuk

Key Ingredients

Treat beat uses cow milk/yak milk as a primary ingredient for preparing the best dog products.

Dog Treat Suppliers Inuk

Milk Boiling

We initiate with milk boiling procedures at 90-100 degrees and separate the cream from the same.

Wholesale Dog Food Inuk

Added Lime Juice

Lime juice is added to the milk, and after coagulation, the curdled milk is pressed by a pressing unit for a day.

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Formation of Brick

The Brick/Roti is formed by pressed curdled milk. Bricks are cut in various sizes and dried over the smoke to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

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Quality Check

After completion of the manufacturing process, the food items are correctly sized, washed, and go through a thorough quality check.

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Packaging and Shipping

Last but not least, the alluring packing followed by shipping of the products is effectively performed by us.

Our Clientele

We prioritize customer service, and our company works on it by serving phenomenal clients.

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Manufacturing Products

Treat Beat manufactures natural, handmade products at pocket-friendly prices. Our products taste yummy and prove healthy for every pets.

Uk Best Dog Food Manufacturer
Uk Wholesale Dog Food Suppliers


Here is the voice of the pet owners who took services from us.

Dogtreat Suppliers In Uk
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Dogtreat Suppliers Uk
Dog Treat Suppliers In Uk
Wholesale Dog Food In Uk
Wholesale Dog Food Suppliers In Uk
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Our Certifications

We hold all the mandatory registrations required for manufacturing the best chews for our furry buddies.

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