Frequently Asked

Q & A for Treat Beat

Ans. Any distribution channel is flexible with us until the MOQ is 500 kgs per consignment.

Ans. Ranging from 2 weeks- 4 weeks for 500-3000 kgs

Ans. It can be both sides, either the retailer choice or we can arrange for them.

Ans. Yes, we do replace material if material gets damaged while transporting.

Ans. Yes, 500 Kg is the base We offer free samples of 2 kg before any business starts.

Ans. We do not deal with the end user or the pet parents themselves, but whatever complaints we receive from the bulk buyers, we back track their lot no., batch no., and find the root cause and treat it immediately. The track record of complaints until now is close to 1% and not more than that. It’s always been transporters default issues and not material related.

Ans. We are constantly communicating with our clients, they can reach to me at any time of the day, leave a message on WhatsApp if calls are not available and we revert.
We have many times worked double shifts (day night) to ensure that the order is fulfilled to make sure of not skipping the delivery date. Sometimes, we fail by a day or two. Its always advisable for exporters to keep some time with themselves before they book cargo flights for a smooth experience.

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